Design Elements launched in 2019 to provide kitchen and built-in cabinetry design services. However, when the Covid Lockdowns disrupted the business landscape, I recognized the need for diversification. I introduced eDesign packages for kitchens while investing in skill development.

I took writing and social media marketing courses and learned how to build a website on WordPress. In 2020, Design Elements expanded to include graphic design, copywriting, and social media posting for other home improvement businesses. Every business needs an online presence, and I found that home improvement contractors were being left behind. I assisted a few small businesses, but at the end of 2023 focus returned to kitchen design and the home improvement blog.

Whether you’re looking for a modern, minimalist kitchen or a timeless and classic design, let’s bring your kitchen dreams to life. If you’re ready to take advantage of my years of kitchen design expertise and individual attention, please don’t hesitate to contact me. You can read all about my qualifications and experience below if you want to know more.

And I invite you to explore the blog for insights on home improvement: all the free advice and no consultation fees!

Hi, I’m Chantal, the owner/founder of Design Elements. Here’s where I tell you a bit more about me…

My Career

I have a BTECH/BA in Interior Design from the University of Johannesburg (2007). I’ve worked at 3 kitchen companies. The first one also specialised in wine cellars and had a construction arm to the business that I was also involved in. I have many years of experience in residential projects and liaising with contractors to see a project completed. I have worked on projects ranging from entry-level apartment developments to high-end mansions. I specialise in built-in cabinetry design and residential interiors.

After 11 years of kitchen designing, I went solo to build this small business and it has been going for 4 years. I enjoy sharing nuggets of home improvement knowledge on my blog, and I’m here to help homeowners transform their spaces.

Chantal G. Looyen
A bit more about me

I am married and we have one child in primary school. And a female boxer dog, who clearly thinks she’s a hooman by the number of times I’ve caught her lying on my bed. My husband is an ex-interior designer and is now an Environment Concept Artist in the video game industry. We met at University in 2004 and have been together since.

We live in the Cape in a fixer-upper house that we’ve been tackling one area at a time. If you want to see what we’ve done so far, check out the blog. It’s actually our second fixer-upper and we’ve learned a lot through our projects.

I love holistic interior design, and add many biophilic elements to my home.

I’m a complete word nerd. Hence the blog. To read and to write are wonderful things: The world of story is my sanctuary. I even belong to a book club (shout-out to The Club).

Beyond the realm of fiction, I enjoy chasing the intricate webs of genealogy and unearthing fascinating family tree connections – it’s an addictive hobby, really. I’m also captivated by the mysteries of civilizations long past, especially megalithic architecture.

When I’m not lost in the pages of a book or going down history rabbit holes, I’ll probably be doing something creative, tending my garden or enjoying tabletop games with friends. 

I think that’s all you need to know about me for now. I hope you will enjoy reading my blog and I hope to help you with a project to transform your home.

Blessings, Chantal

Our Mission

It is our mission to create aesthetic and functional designs for homes and home improvement businesses.

We help home improvement professionals supercharge their businesses through their online identity. We aim to provide quality marketing materials both written and graphic to attract website visitors and engage buyers. We guide home improvement professionals in developing customer relationships through online platforms.

Our Vision

Design Elements is dedicated to creating designs that play a part in making homes functional and beautiful. This may be by designing optimal layouts for homes or by helping to make home improvement professionals noticeable to homeowners seeking good contractors online.


Problem solving

“Chantal has helped me with multiple projects.  She is great with space planning and always thinks about function AND how it will look.  It is wonderful to work with her.” 

~ Lauren O’Donnell, Homeowner (Roodepoort, Gauteng)

Out of the box solutions

“Chantal came up with a few different options for our kitchen, some of which were options we hadn’t even thought of. In the end, we went with one of these additional options, because it worked that much better. The 3D render process was particularly nice and allowed us to visualize how things would look. With this we saw that a new window that we had planned was actually unnecessary.  During the building phase (in which the entire house was redone), Chantal was quick to respond to the many queries we had.  In addition, she also advised me on finishings unrelated to the kitchen and kept her eyes open for items she thought would work in the house.”

~ Evan Knox-Davies, Homeowner (Betty’s Bay, WC)

Attention to detail

“Chantal was an absolute pleasure to work with. She did an outstanding job with a great turnaround time! She gave me everything that I wanted with superb attention to detail – going that extra mile. 10/10 would recommend for creative solutions.”

~ Brent Ferreira, Homeowner (Gillits, KZN)

Let’s keep in touch
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